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The Fisherman & the Whale


The Fisherman & the Whale is an emotional wordless story by artist Jessica Lanan that speaks of our complicated relationship with the natural world and the deep bond that all living creatures share. In the story, a fisherman takes his son for a trip out on the water. When they encounter a whale entangled at sea, they realize a connection that transcends the animal kingdom.

Book Reviews: 
"This wordless picture book, with its breathtaking paintings of the sea, does a splendid job of helping young readers realize that our planet must be shared."
– Shelf Awareness

"Lanan’s cinematic storytelling pace never flags. She distills the global problem of sea life trapped by nets into a tightly focused narrative in which those who caused the damage are able to save the animal they hurt."
– Publishers Weekly

"Lanan's wordless narrative pulls viewers right into the choppy waves of her gouache-and-watercolor world…This compelling fictional introduction raises awareness and empathy for a very real environmental problem.”
– Kirkus Reviews