Q: Is this item locally made?

A: A lot of our items are locally made and or made in the USA. However, we do carry other items that are made abroad.


Q: What do I get a 10% Members discount on in the store?

A: The only items excluded are consignment pieces and items on sale. Of course, if the item on sale is less than your discount, you will receive the better price.


Q: Are all of your items in the store available on the web store?

A: Yes, the majority of the items in the store are available online, and we are constantly adding new products to the site. If you find anything in the store that you would like to purchase, call us anytime to place an order and we will ship directly to you.


Q: How do I get a copy of a painting in your Museum?

A: We offer a company called 1000Museums that is used worldwide to get copies of many prints.

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