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A Singularly Marine & Fabulous Produce: The Cultures of Seaweed


"Oh! Call us not weeds, but flowers of the sea. For lovely, and gay, and bright-tinted are we!" 

This 222-page, full color, hardcover catalogue is the companion to the New Bedford Whaling Museum's exhibition, A Singularly Marine & Fabulous Produce: The Cultures of Seaweed. Featuring over 125 works that probe humankind's fascination with seaweed from 1780 to today and 12 interdisciplinary articles by leading scholars on the following topics:

  • Seaweed Gathering in American Art and Intertidal Economies as Coastal Culture
  • Wrack Line Design: Seaweed in Visual Culture and Amateur Science in France
  • Anna Atkins and her Botanical Networks
  • Flowers from Neptune's Garden: Seaweed Albums and the Refinement of Perception
  • The History of Scientific Seaweed Study
  • Pressed and Printed: Four Moments in the Pictorial Journey of a Seaweed
  • Seaweed as Material and Material Culture as Seaweed
  • Andrew and Betsy Wyeth at Ocean's Edge
  • The Slippery Films of Seaweed 
  • Caring for Weeds: Specimens, Speculative Intimacy, and Anthropocene Aesthetics
  • Ocean Underworld: Contemporary Seaweed Artistis of New England
  • Opportunities and Future Directions of Seaweed Aquaculture in the United States

Authors: Naomi Slipp and Maura Coughlin with contributions from Stacy Alaimo, William L. Coleman, Kathrinne Duffy, Melody Jue, Line Le Gall, Anjuli Lebowitz, Christina Michelon, Jessica Skwire Routhier, Marina Wells and Charles Yarish,

Dimensions: 11.25" x 9" x 0.75"