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Right Whale, Wrong Letter Book


Robley is an energetic and bright young whale, but he is troubled by a unique problem. North Atlantic Right Whales have a pair of blowholes that create a V-shaped mist when they exhale warm air into the colder air at the surface of the water. When Robley first began to spout, he was surprised and frustrated that his water droplets formed into all the wrong alphabet letters. While Robley's mom admires his creativity, Robley wants to create the letter V to be just like the other whales.

As Robley and his mom begin their long migration from the southern calving areas off the Florida/Georgia coast to the cool, northern feeding areas off the Cape Cod Bay, Robley discovers threats from approaching ships. With danger quickly approaching, will Robley's unique ability help keep him and the other whales safe from harm?
The book's QR code launches the "Right Whale, Wrong Letter" webpage containing an original, narrated, orchestral soundtrack with storybook illustrations and actual North Atlantic Right Whale nature footage.