Scrimshaw Lagoda Teeth
Bark LAGODA by Arthur Moniz
Lagoda Stone Trivet
Lagoda Stone Coaster
Long Sleeve Melville Society T-Shirt
The Melville Society T-Shirt
Melville Society Tote
The Melville Society Latte Mug
New Bedford Coasters
New Bedford City Seal Box
New Bedford Whaling Museum Puzzle
New Bedford Scrimshaw Cribbage Board
Sold Out
New Bedford Table Runner
Handmade Ceramic Whale Mug
Sold Out
Sea Urchin Pitcher
Sea Urchin Plate
Lagoda Ceramic Ornament
Lagoda Scrimshaw Ornament
Handmade Quahog Shell Ornament
Starfish Ornament
Mammoth Tusk Beaded Bracelet
Black and Silver Wrap Bracelet
Tri-Color Wrap Bracelet
Marine Life Wrap Bracelet
Ingenious Contrivances, Curiously Carved: Scrimshaw in the New Bedford Whaling Museum
Scrimshaw Lagoda Teeth
Scrimshaw Pocket Knife
Scrimshaw and Provenance: A Third Dictionary of Scrimshaw Artists
Octopus iPhone Case
Scrimshaw iPhone Case
Sold Out
Factory Mill iPhone Case
Charles W.Morgan Homecoming Polo
Charles W.Morgan Homecoming T-Shirt
Charles W. Morgan Homecoming Hat
Charles W. Morgan Homecoming Visor
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