O’er the Wide and Tractless Sea: Original Art of the Yankee Whale Hunt


O’er the Wide and Tractless Sea: Original Art of the Yankee Whale Hunt

 By Michael P. Dyer, Curator of Maritime History, New Bedford Whaling Museum

 From the 1750s through the first years of the twentieth century, American whaling voyages ranged farther off shore, and ultimately around the world, in a pursuit that produced oil and baleen for the growing population and industrialization of the US. Buried deep within the logbooks, journals, and manuscripts of America’s whaling heritage are paintings, drawings, and representations of the whale hunt rarely, if ever, seen by the public. The book highlights those unique artworks that capture the essence of whaling and its culture.This comprehensive examination of whalemen’s art will be the standard reference text for years to come. The author’s meticulous research is based upon a study of marine history and art spanning two decades.

This handsome book features 327 illustrations of whaling scenes, scrimshaw, prints, and paintings. It is unique in its structure, detailed in its study, and enlightening in its discoveries.

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