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Around the World in Search of Whales


Around the World in Search of Whales: A Journal of the Lucy Ann Voyage, 1841-1844

 by John F. Martin, Edited by Kenneth R. Martin

“Cursed whaling and quit it. Dam them [who] will not get up after night and burn their shirts to make a light to curse a whaleship.” With that final journal entry, written in June 1844 after a homecoming bender, John F. Martin kissed off his eventful, eight-year whaling career. But he retained his journal. How fortunate for posterity! Over many decades, maritime scholars and enthusiasts have published Martin’s quotable tidbits and handsome paintings in piecemeal fashion because they engage casual readers and specialists alike. Now, at last, his masterpiece will be handsomely published, in its entirety, for all to savor. This 236 page, hard bound publication features 125 color illustrations.