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The Eagle: America's Tallest Ship USCGC Eagle DVD


The Eagle: America's Tallest Ship is a never-before-seen look at one of the most unique US Coast Guard training exercises at sea. Christened in the German Navy and seized as a war prize during World War II, the Eagle today trains over 600 new officer cadets every year. With a call to "Sail Stations," the action begins--trainees must learn to climb rigging that takes them 130 feet above the water, unfurl sails while they battle turbulence and heavy seas, and go through other rigorous drills like flood control, safety, man overboard, firefighting, damage control, first aid, navigation, line handling and more. Also, meet the exceptional breed of men and women who call the Eagle home--hear their stories in their own words, their lives, their loves, and what it takes to be a seafarer.