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Duke Riley: Tides & Transgressions


Discover the unique and thought-provoking work of multimedia artist Duke Riley, whose career spans over 20 years. Through his use of nautical and nature-inspired metaphors, Riley explores political and ecological themes with a touch of transgression. From urban waterways to the relationship between humanity and the physical world, his work delves into pressing issues and commentates on the role of the artist in society. This comprehensive 256 page monograph showcases his expansive body of work, which includes drawings, sculptures, performances, and even maritime adventures. Embrace Riley's signature wit and join him in his environmentally conscious and thought-provoking journey.

While not featured in Tides & Transgressions, Duke Riley recently created the piece titled No. 384 of the Poly S. Tyrene Memorial Maritime Museum (2023.71) for the New Bedford Whaling Museum. This piece is currently on view in the Scrimshaw Gallery. 

Dimensions:  9.64" x 12" x 1.15"