A Man for All Oceans


Captain Joshua Slocum was the first to sail around the world alone. A Man for All Oceans reveals Slocum’s life story more fully than ever before. Grayson, a yachting and maritime historian and small boat sailor, based his book on years of painstaking research using source materials of Slocum’s own times.  These documents have at last provided answers to long-standing questions that Slocum scholars have asked for years, while also adding much new insight into Slocum’s life. The book finally enables readers to get up close and personal with one of history’s greatest sailors. The New Bedford Whaling Museum and Tilbury House Publishers invite you to meet Captain Joshua Slocum. 

Jacketed hardcover,  416 pages, 6.5 in. x 9.5 in,  85 photographs and maps


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