Twice Round the Loggerhead: The Culture of Whaling in the Azores


by Lance Lee and Bruce Halabisky. Watercolors bu Yvon Le Corre

The Azore Islands have a long and rich history of whaling that has largely disappeared in modern times. In 1998, two young Americans, apprentice boat-builders, traveled to the Azores to build a traditional whaling boat under the supervision of an Azorean master craftsman. Their endeavors crossed cultural and generational borders and ensured the continuation of a traditional way of life. This is an in-depth exploration of the vibrant history of Azorean whaling and the associated folk traditions, as well as a discussion of the finer techniques of building a wooden boat. Historical photographs complement watercolors by Breton artist Yvon le Corre, considered one of the finest watercolorists working today.

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