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Levithan: A Journal of Melville Studies


Leviathan 25.3 is a 25th anniversary Special Issue on “Melville in Public.” It features essays by Jeffrey Peterson on Jos Sances’s enormous scratchboard mural “Or, the Whale”; David Rosenthal on Peter Michael Martin’s photography and other Melville-related work in the visual arts; an interview with Marilynne Robinson; and a roundtable discussion of Melville Twitter with Jeffrey Insko, Carie Schneider, Nathan Wolff, and Jennifer Greiman. It also includes reviews of Jennifer Greiman’s Melville’s Democracy by Cécile Roudeau and Aaron Sachs’s Up From the Depths by Maki Sadahiro.

The Extracts section includes an All Astir column by Mary K. Bercaw Edwards, an investigation of the Mocha Dick legend by Michele Martini; a translation of and reflection on Rachel de Queiroz’s “Moby-Dick, the Sea Beast” by Eduardo Correia; and ALA abstracts from the panels organized by Damien Schlarb and Jennifer Baker. It’s a wonderful way to round out Leviathan’s 25th Anniversary year!