Half Hull Azorean Whaleboat

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Bring home a piece of the Azores with this handmade Half Hull Azorean Whaleboat handmade by Mestre João Silveira Tavares. This heritage souvenir is 100% hand made on Fayal and Pico Islands in the Azorean Islands, with great attention to detail in respecting the original standards of the last made Whaleboats in the Azores. 

  Included in each custom made storage box are the following reference items to highlight the rich whaleboat history of the region: Digital document of Robert Clarke “Open Boat Whaling in the Azores. The History and Present Methods of a Relic Industry” and the Portuguese version “ Baleação em Botes de Boca Aberta nos Mares dos Açores”, Photos of the Azorean Whaleboat and related activities such as a list of the whaleboats that where built in the Azores, including the ones that were restored and currently participate in the regattas.

 Each model is signed and numbered with less than 100 models made per year.  23"L x 9"H and protected in a custom built storage box to keep it safe until it is ready to be displayed.


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