Gray Whales, Worldlife Library

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Gray Whales (1999) is part of the World Life Library series produced by Voyageur Press that cater to the general public. They are usually 72 pages with large print - half the pages being full-sized color photos though. Each is written by an expert in their field, in this case Jim Darling, who has studied humpbacks in Hawaii and gray whales off Vancouver Island. The book is divided into eight chapters, including an introduction (where he talks about the individual gray whales he has identified off Vancouver Island), a chapter introducing their various aspects of natural history, one describing the four populations (two in the North Pacific and two in the North Atlantic), and others describing their history of exploitation, migrations, winter breeding grounds, what they do in the summer (primarily foraging and feeding), and our changing relationship with them (principally dealing with the transition from whaling to whale watching). There is also a page providing gray whale facts and recommended reading as well as an index. Like the other books in this series (which include works on blue, humpback, right, minke, killer, and beluga whales), I consider it a very good introduction to those wanting to learn about gray whales.

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