"Fit-Out" Auction


Introducing the “Fit Out” Auction

 You can help fit-out our new spaces and programs in the Wattles Jacobs Education Center.  Everyone can be a winner!  Many raised hands makes lights work!  Each donor of $150 or more will be automatically eligible to win a Mystery Prize to be unveiled at the end of the night! 

*Media Lab Audio/Video Station (2 needed): $2,500 each

 *Library Reading Room compact storage units (6 needed): $2,500 each

 *Library Reading Room computers with work stations (5 needed): $1,500 each

*Classroom projectors (3 needed): $1,000 each

*Classroom retractable screens (2 needed): $1,000 each

*Chromebook Mini-Laptops (25 needed): $400 each

*Temperature/Humidity data-loggers for collection (10 needed): $250 each

*High School Apprentice—underwrite a college visit (18 needed): $250 each

*Docent instruction “discovery chests” (8 needed): $500 each

*Pay for a school bus to bring students from your school district to the Museum: $150 each

*Teacher “Pre and Post Visit” School Kits (200 needed): $50 each


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