Dune Touch the World Bracelets


Wear the World on your wrist with our Touch the World Bracelet Collection. Each bracelet has a unique color and tag design which represent 12 unique causes focused on changing our world for the better. Each bracelet features local sand from New England Shores.

Touch the World literally and figuratively by collecting all 12 Touch The World string bracelets to support various global causes vetted and supported by Dune Jewelry. 10% of proceeds from the sale of each bracelet will directly benefit the causes listed here:

The 12 TTW Causes:

  1. Grey | Elephant - Alzheimer’s Care & Research
  2. White | Kitten - Animal Welfare
  3. Mint Green | Teddy Bear - Childhood Cancer Care & Research
  4. Periwinkle | Water Drop - Clean Drinking Water Initiatives
  5. Dusty Rose | Heart - Heart Disease Care & Research
  6. Maroon | Staff of Hermes - Humanitarian Medical Care
  7. Peach | Puzzle Piece - Autism Awareness
  8. Black | Semicolon - Mental Health Awareness
  9. Teal | Mermaid - Ocean Conservancy
  10. Green | Butterfly - Rainforest Conservation
  11. Purple | Rising Sun - Opioid Research & Rehabilitation
  12. Light Blue | Sun - Climate Change Prevention

Collect all 12 bracelets and Dune will send you a Global Giving Bracelet that holds Sand & Natural Elements from all Seven Continents!

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