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A Nossa Odisseia do Capelo, Faial-Acores aos Estados Unidos da America


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This book is the story of Manuel Leandro Goulart. It follows him from his birth, in1938, on the island of Faial, Azores, Portugal, to his immigration with his wife to Massachusetts in 1959, to now. He talks of his family and we learn about the life on the island of Faial, Azores before, during and after the Volcano at Capelinhos erupted. We hear of the life of Whalers in the 1930's 40's,and 50's, as well as the farming and livestock that needed to be cared for. The story about the families on the island during the eruption on September 27, 1957 is fascinating.

Immigrating to America in 1959 with his wife was not easy. It was difficult to get the required sponsors and then after arriving, not being able to speak the language made it difficult to find work. They lived with family in the beginning but soon rented their own place and started their life together in the USA. We hear of Manuel's time in the military, trips back to Faial and 2 children and eventually about grandchildren. He retired in 2001 and wintered in Florida starting in 2006. There are many testimonials from friends and family members, Jose Cardoso - The Whaler, Horacio Antonio Goulart - his brother, Florencia - his sister, Maria Conceicao Goulart - his sister, Artur Silveira Alves, and other memories.

Men Whalers! Families in this book have shaped our lives and helped the poor of the Village in the Town of Capelo, Faial Island. Some remained in the Village after the Volcanic eruptions 1957. This is a story of the Village of Capelo, now and then and who lived it.